How value based selling, segment market To generate leads

Conceptually, value-based selling has a complex scientific, technological, knowledge and behavioral driven perspectives. That focuses on how it connect prospects emotional, physical, and strategic motivations, perception, learning, beliefs, and action responses, with sellers products/services,  communications, delivery, and exchange process of offerings in market, forLeads generation and sales growth in market.

Sylmaaconsulting, vested interest in marketing specialist Training, coach and consulting, is concerned about the need to explore the network of organizational marketing,and sales relationships connection, with prospect/customers in market, in order to highlight, creative understanding of customer market situations, in respect of trend of its experiences, intelligence, with capacity to explain in clear terms, stages of prospects anticipated exposure, to trust relationship encounter in markets, as product of content marketing process management, emphasizing strategic communications outreach to prospects, for lead generation in markets.

It’s therefore instructive, that fundamental rules that guide marketers/sales team, exchange relationships in market is of priority, because your company brand offers, are meant to have originated, from critical knowledge of customer situation in market to consumer value proposition and contextual relevance. A company brand is also define as a translation of its Business strategy into brand expression, in which case, It’s conception to purchases and consumption journey are structurally connected, with various stages of customer relationships in markets.

These are critical thinking framework processes, that direct organisation team sensing, visioning, prototyping, and scaling, which is meant to give it a defined purpose, scope, leadership and vision to guide relationships objectively, in markets.  Conceptually, its outcomes of content marketing building values, deserves to be communicated as targeted customer-based values, to reach out to your external market audiences, manage prospects, leads, to customers and  clients. Using processes of marketing/sales automation, funnels and pipeline, with emails, and social media support to drive the traffic and generate leads for accelerated sales growth in markets.

The question is, what is value selling?

It is the art of selling that says customer, buy your value or services, because they hope to be enjoying value, that they would not have in the absent of your product or service. What this means is that people don’t buy product, but the benefit of it, which is the value.

Again, it is the process of studying, understanding and reinforcing the reasons why?, your offer is valuable, is obvious to the purchaser. As a result marketing-oriented Organisations, always market and sale, based on the value their offer provides.

 The reason why Marketing and sales Organisations, make human capital investment to engage, build and upgrade professional performers team, as marketing, sales planning expert, is obvious. To acquire, deep understanding of human behavioral sciences, which is necessary to leverage capacities, for the survey of consumer and clients responses, to communications value trigger in business relationships.

It is fundamentally, the art of building trust relationship in market, if the selling organisation must observe their primary functions in market, by activating the capacity to adapt customer, and client values at content marketing building, and strategic sales communications process stages, in order to connect, customer and clients emotional, physical and strategic stages of exchange processes, to generate leads, and achieve accelerated sales result in markets.

Scientific perspectives, of value-based marketing/selling, emphasizes objective knowledge of trust relationships, with your organisation landscape first,to activates, understanding of its brand purpose, scope, leading and vision in relevance market space. Because, these are essential platform, for objectives connection building, with prospects, to manage leads and guide customer and client business journey in markets.

Consequently, marketing and selling circumstances in market, take cognizance of customer situation, as priority in consumer behavior survey, to study and understand their journey encounter so far, and to gather intelligence to predict the future. Also, customer and client have goals to achieve as a phase of their purpose in Business journey in market. A combination of the surveyed market trends and intelligence facts, are essential base line support, for creative gap analysis, which is required to build strategic value fit, to match anticipated goals achievement in market. Additionally, demographic structure of anticipated goals, will attract achange, for structural analysis in terms of; AGE; SEX; FAMILY; LIFE CYCLE; EDUCATION; OCCUPATION and GEOGRAPHICAL needs, which might occur in process of time, and create impact on value-based selling and purchases.

These are sources of deep understanding of what is important to clients and customers? What the problems are? Its effective, definitions and logical repeatable problems solving processes, for building trust relationship with customers and clients in market. Customer value proposition and contextual relevance, is conceptual, designed to help small and medium businesses,to build customer anticipated communication value trigger, to attract prospects attention, understand, how, when and where, they want it, and direct a matching traffic communications channel to generate leads for accelerated sales growth in markets.

Technically, market segmentation is the fundamental approach to target market definitions. Value based marketing entails the capacity to identify the relevant industry market of your company, its size, growth rate and competition. Segmentation involves the process of dividing the market into groups of customers, who exhibits similarities in market value needs and wants. This helps marketers/sellers to identify market for their company brands; target selection and the right customer; identify what really is of value to potential customers in the perception of that customer.

It also help them to plan a better approach to communication on customer value expectations, better than competitors, while, upholding the need to embeds customer value in marketing and selling process and communications. Customer value grouping in markets are identified as:       

  • DEMOGRAPHIC market segment
  • PSYCHOGRAPHIC market segment
  • GEOGRAPHICAL market segment
  • BEHAVIORAL market segment

These value groupings are considered marketing/selling heartbeat in market, in spite of their leading role in resolving potential customer issues, associated with demographic segment structure, which will require fundamental, focus on their PSYCHOLOGICAL, PSYCHOGRAPHICAL, BEHAVIORAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL value inclinations. Market segmentation, targeting and differentiated marketing are framework of marketing/selling practices, which produces customer value proposition within contextual relevance in market. It provides, essential base line for campaign messaging strategy.

In business to business marketing and selling, top management have in place  a buying center,which is professionally manned by experts, referred to as ECONOMIC BUYER; TECHNICAL BUYER; USER BUYER with the support of A BUSINESS COACH. It is their professional responsibility, to build trust relationship, with marketers and sales representatives of supplier organisation, by negotiating a win – win exchange relationships in market. Marketers and sales team, on the other hand, must explore and connect, customer and client, end user value to personalized them;  support their business goals, objectives, and vision, while, its specific industry dynamics are explored to achieve deep understanding of trust relationships in markets.

In practice, value-based marketing/selling, provide the base line for  trust relationship building, between organisation in market, amidst skillful exposure of prospects to Emotional value trigger; Psychological value trigger: Psychographic value trigger, aimed at attracting positive responses. How this is done, involves strategic campaign message writing process,which emphasizes the need to identify prospects pain points, that your products and services brand, are packaged to connect, as solution touch points in markets.

The question has been identified as powerful marketing and sales tools that will explain better application of various communications value trigger to grab attention in markets:

1.EMOTIONAL VALUE TRIGGER:  is a campaign messaging write up, designed to focus on prospects pain point motivated questions in market: for instance:

  • What the unique prospect pain points are,that your brand is intended to touch?
  • What unique touch points, does, your products/services offer?
  • How far can this offer help prospects to achieve the desired result better than competitors offer?
  • What initiatives do prospects have to apply to achieve its goals in market?
  • How much resilience, does it require to achieve sustainable growth result?

These are some thought-provoking questions marketing/sales teams stands to provide objective answers in market, through campaign messaging, especially in emotionally changed market outlook of 2021. Campaign strategy design, is messaging process, which emphasis’s connections that leverages marketer/sales team products/services benefits awareness,as touch point to prospects pain points, with focus on tactical answers to their curiosity in market.

These are of critical importance in today’s marketing and selling practices, amidst, the new normal market situation, because consumers, customers and clients, have changed, to embrace accelerated social media, exploration and evaluation, mental mode in markets, in order to sort out the messy middle issue, existing, between clients communications value trigger, and purchase decisions process in market.


Organisation content marketing team, are focused in developing and speaking commercial values, to external target market audiences, through its sales communications platform, to engage their attention, for active participation, in processes of brand awareness, interest, desire, and to take purchase decisions in market.

There are processing steps that flow from the following:

  • Market segmentation
  • Personalization of targeted customer values
  • Meaningful campaign messaging strategy
  • Exposure of prospects to value trigger
  • Prospects participation in purchase decision-making.

Prospects exposure, to value trigger processes journey to purchase decisions making in market, is referred to as the messy middle. 

We are concerned about how your marketing team, can get prospects,to connect with your brand values, to be guided, helped to perceive and choose your brand  better than the competitors.

  • Automated marketing/sales communications system.
  • Emails contact list and tags.
  • Campaign messaging.
  • Marketing/sales funnel processing.

Organisation team must make meaningful application of these essential tools to navigate the challenges of the messy middle, in order to make things happens. They must initiate creative action to gain prospects attention for guided effective, participation in market.

For instance:

  • They must have top of mind presence before prospects.
  • They must make meaningful and responsible application of intelligence and behavioral sciences.
  • They must close the gap between the trigger and decisions making in market.


EXPLORE: prospects apply search engine, social media, price compensation sites, video sites and many more to explore access information on brand values of interests.

EVALUATE: they also gather information to reduce the brands to the point of value decisions making with guided assistance of marketing and sales team.


Marketing and sales team apply sales pipeline tools to develop, and nurture prospects, through leads to customer and clients in markets.

For example: prospects are nurtured intoleads generation.

  • Cold leads
  • Warm leads
  • Hot leads
  • Customers
  • Clients


Sales report generation:

  • Clients
  • Customers
  • Hot leads
  • Warm leads
  • Cold leads

All to emphasis:

  • Sales values
  • Variable costs of sales
  • Sales contribution
  • Overhead expenses
  • Marketing expenses
  • ROI
  • Gross profit.

We attempt to highlight, critical customer and client pain points, motivated questions in respect of consumer behavior change in 2021 market relationships, with prospect to connect with meaningful touch points, for small and medium Business creativity. Because we are passionate about your business:

  • Connectivity
  • Productivity
  • Creativity and
  • Empathy

If you have need for detailed training, coaching, or consulting, fill free to drop me a call.

Thank you for reading and your thought.



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