Change context experience product.

We help everyday entrepreneurs to access clarity transformation business pathways in markets to achieve their desired outcome results.

Our problems solution pathways provide access to the following:

  • Future market opportunities
  • Future market problems
  • Future market solutions
  • future market solutions ownership

sideway sales letter to define depth of open marketing opportunities in niche markets.



  • Business brand vision and mission statement.
  • Personal brand of business and your unique brand name.
  • Product brand of customer value proposition.
  • Your business uniqueness.



  • Entrepreneur habit.
  • Market niche and tribe building. Wiifm.
  • Customer avatar.
  • Law of attraction and market positioning.
  • Qualitative research, Experiment, and analysis.
  • Irresistible offer and momentum.


C E O game plans’

  • Production budget tracking
  • Marketing budget tracking
  • ROI outcomes and net profit tracking.
  • Market segmentation
  • Personal brand acceleration
  • Customization
  • Monetization
  • Messaging
  • Organic traffic
  • Operations and scaling.


  • One on one free training session
  • One to group free training session.
  • 6 weeks coaching schedule
  • 9 weeks coaching schedule


Internet have made incredible provision of social market environment for Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals contacts, engagement in future benefits with prospects, leads, customers and referrals in markets of interest.

Its empowering millions of customers/clients and others to search for their problems 24/7 daily.

While Entrepreneurs’, business owners, and professionals go to net to gather outreach information of audiences and ideal customers in markets of interest, to gain internal clarity, processing of their avatars.

I want to empower your business with strategic questions and answers that drives transformational business strategies.

How do you hope to let us take you there to achieve your goals?

We are aware that clients and customers are looking for results not products.

You are looking for navigated problems that produces results.

I want to empower you with Mindset, Skillsets, Action sets clarity pathways to transformational outcome result that wins in markets. A step-by-step breakdown processes that guide’s, inspires and support result achievement.


My name is Sylvester E. Eyo, a professional marketing practitioner, CEO Sylmaaconsulting. A marketing/sales agency with focus on mindset, skillsets, action sets change context experiences in markets.

I am from a humble background of scarcity, which I found uncomfortable while I struggled to start my marketing career in aviation industry. Commercial corporate Airlines services to be précised. I served my first three years in capacity of lead sales agent and moved up to marketing/sales trainer position with Pan American world Airways for five years. Exposure to world class services standards, support to customers and client’s demographics, psychographics, and linguistics moods. Bulgarian Airlines operations/sales manager capacity for more than 10 years services, before I joined Fresh Air Airlines services to contribute my quota, while I rounded up employment job journey. In response to my inner calling to invest in myself and serve others to succeed in business.


Although I considered my problem-solving experiences good enough to move the needle in marketing consulting and training market. While in practice, I discovered I was wrong after a short period of market entry. Rapid change motivated environment proved me wrong. It threw a spanner into the wheel of progress and failure sets in, in quick succession. There I lost everything I had gathered. Struggled without reasonable money inflow.  I have not work hard enough feelings strengthened the feelings of I am not good enough, and point to the thought of going back to seek job appointment. It appeared the best option, but I rejected it. Instead, I took the option of taking uncomfortable action to invest in myself  to learn Business VIRTUAL COACH services  with the experts.

 There I gained purpose driven business focus that made future solution pathway for further performances skills improvements

 Transactional business model is being transited to emerging realities of TRANSFORMATIONAL model in markets. It involves client’s engagement in future benefits to awaken clients future emotion’s, communicate inner self desire to generate shifting beliefs for emotional balance we all deserve.

We recognize Entrepreneurs interest to take a transition leapt and switch over to freedom and flexible model of transformative model. I can feel your struggles, Pain points, and messy middle experiences, because I have been there before.

 Its ok.  I got it right, when I invested in myself to reinvent mindset, skillets, and emotional focus on business journey. I am asking you to invest in my program me today and switch over to freedom and flexibility for your desired future benefits achievement.

If you buy and give it attention you will become a value generator that make positive impact on other people, and live achievers lifestyle.


My greatest lesson: every change context is a critical scene for next level creative decisions making in life journey. Business bridge building services is meant to inspire and support your success drive to reinvent the new model of economic realities, requirement of mindset, skillset and emotional actions focus in dynamic market spaces.


We are so excited to meet and stand ready to serve you with my gift, empathy, passion, to awaken hidden potentials for the success you deserve in business journey.

Thank you for investing your time, energy, and interest in reading through to access inherent future benefits.


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