Who We Are

We are a marketing consulting outfit, positioned strategically in the Business services market, to offer Training, consulting, and Management services support, to meet customers awareness of constantly changing market environment, stimulate, desire to translate organisation tasks into creative functions, to direct processes and drive resources, capabilities, and capacities, for creative values delivery in markets, and keep ahead of the competition.

This initiative comes with critical concerns to understand, customer situations in a rapidly changing market environment, and to appreciate their strategic value creation mission, as essential baseline focus, necessary for connecting and simplifying customer business tasks in the larger market environment, to manage change and excel.

It’s a commitment to keep our eyes and ears open, to be creative and inventive, by adopting critical thinking processes to evaluate and address complex environment influences of: Organisation forces; Micro Economic forces; Macro Economic forces; in order to mitigate internal and external growth resistances, by adopting a strategies for growing profitabilities over long term periods in the market.

Our Training Consulting and management services, are structured to provide creative responses to customer SMART goals in markets, with respect to building workforce capacities Training to think through, targeted opportunities, and issues, by emphasizing: Problems solving, Decisions making, and result creating processes; to provide essential baseline, for marketing process alignment; stakeholders interest alignment; strategies and tactics integrations, for a win-win mutual relationship in markets.

Our strategic focus on the intangible side of business functions and cross-functional processes, emphasises how opportunities are everywhere amidst a business journey, such that, it requires customers to be brave enough, to take them through the support of appropriate business services offerings. A win-win sales strategy; value-based selling; marketing planning alignment; performance management; strategic planning and management to mention in brief.

Professionally, we speak and think through business languages, to enhance Training workshops comprehension, presentation, expression of our ideas, and learning, how to analyse the logical structure of things at the workspace. Where people as workforces and management, are in the centre of change, to learn to understand and believe in the processes of change management, by exposure to effective awareness, desire, for knowledge, abilities and re-enforcement Training, and management practices, designed to keep customers ahead of the competition in the market.

Sylvester Essien Eyo is a fellow of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria; fnimn.
He has thirty years’ experience working with different organizations as both sales, operation manager, and General manager commercial. Notable amongst these organizations are Ethiopian Airlines, Balkan Bulgarian Airlines, and Panam World Airways. He served as Lecturer and Consultant at the Institute of Air Travel and Maritime Studies Lagos.
Upon retirement, S. E. Eyo established SYLMAA CONSULTING AND MARKETING FIRM In 2009. He is widely traveled, a travel and airlines marketing specialist, Consultant per excellence, and astute professional marketer.

Connecting and simplifying customer situation in market space, by strengthening capacities in critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical processes, as baseline services support, for growing profitability over long term period to keep ahead of the competition in the market.


Application of business services support to persuade customers to do extraordinary things or performances and make them think it was their own idea.


Baseline capacity building, to transform complex customer market situation into small pieces and prioritise them, for SMART goals, on problems solving, decisions making,and result creating out comes to achieve sustainable growth in markets.


To build a win-win relationship with customers and exchange creative and innovative TRAINING, MANAGEMENT, and CONSULTING services offerings, designed to meet their values in market. By earning integrated business interest of:

  • Profit
  • Increase sales volume
  • Increase sales value
  • Increase market share
  • Increase returns on investment
  • Increase stakeholder interest.


To create services Brand awareness in markets

To generate high quality leads in market.

To enter market and understand, customer situation, bearing, and perspectives

To identify customer goals to set SMART goals for work plans in market.

To connect and simplify business services delivery that meet customer values.

To grow and maintain a systematic thought leadership, keeping the organisation focused on its vision in markets.

To increase customer value, creating opportunities improvement in customer journey in market.

To empower colleagues to become brand ambassadors.